LORETA (Low Resolution EEG Tomography) is based on the work of Robert Thatcher, PhD. This approach represents non-invasive brain imaging techniques, based on the data gathered from the 19 channel Quantitative EEG (qEEG) and Dr. Thatcher's qEEG database. It uses a mathematical process called the "inverse solution" to suggest what is happening in deep structures beneath the cortex. LORETA provides a 3-Dimensional source correlation of Brodman areas to a reference MRI. This allows the use of Neurofeedback directly on deep brain areas. The symptom checklist is combined with LORETA Z scores measured during a qEEG analysis to aid in linking a client's symptoms to functional networks within the brain. It is of particular use for Traumatic Brain Injury, Migraines and Autism or for those clients with multiple diagnoses. Progress is typically much more rapid than when using traditional forms of Neurofeedback employing only amplitude training.

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